Crucifixion Ruse

There are seven remote-viewing sessions in this project. Detailed discussions of these sessions are presented in the DVD presentation for this project. Note that there are two sessions for Target 4. In this instance, Courtney Brown (the tasker and Chief Investigator for this project) asked the remote viewer if he could continue or extend his session for Target 4 a bit longer, with the expectation that additional data might result. This was accomplished with a nonleading email request.

The Remote Viewer: Darryl Smith

  1. Session 1 for Target 1: Scanned, Typed
  2. Session 2 for Target 2: Scanned, Typed
  3. Session 3 for Target 3: Scanned, Typed
  4. Session 4 for Target 4: Scanned (first session: second session), Typed (first session: second session)
  5. Session 5 for Target 5: Scanned, Typed
  6. Session 6 for Target 6: Scanned, Typed


Crucifixion Ruse DVD


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