Crucifixion Ruse

The Crucifixion Ruse is a remote-viewing documentary project that concerns the story of Jesus and the crucifixion drama. The entire documentary is available on YouTube as well as a DVD that is sold on It is 1 hour and 53 minutes long. This web site (the one that you are on now) is a support web site for this project.

Remote-viewing is both a phenomenon and perceptual process that can enable information to be accurately transmitted across both time and space. The U.S. military developed and employed procedures for remote viewing that were used for espionage purposes, at least until the public became aware of the project, forcing the government to shut down the project. Many presume that the military has an ongoing interest in remote viewing that is operating within a new secret project.

Using remote-viewing procedures that are derivative of those developed and employed by the U.S. military, the crucifixion drama has been re-examined in the current project. The Chief Investigator and designer of this project is Courtney Brown, Ph.D., arguably the leading scholar in remote viewing as it is operationalized using such military or military-derived methodologies. The remote-viewing data for this project were collected by a highly skilled practioner in remote viewing, one with a multi-year and public track record in "squeekly clean" scientific experiments, who worked with Dr. Brown under controlled and blind conditions for this project. The project breaks new ground in the debates over the crucifixion drama.

Here, Courtney Brown examines these new data to test two hypotheses. The first is the classical biblical hypothesis, which is that Jesus was crucified on the cross, died, miraculously rose from the dead, and then ascended. The second hypothesis was raised initially by Seth, a nonphysical entity who was channelled by Jane Roberts beginning in the 1960s until her death in 1984. In the book Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, Session #591, Seth states that Jesus was never crucified, and that he had no intention of ever dying in that manner. Rather, there was a conspiracy, one in which both Jesus and Judas played parts. According to Seth, someone else volunteered to be take part in this sacrifice, and Judas led the authorities to arrest that person in order to save, not betray, the real historical Jesus. Those very few who were in on the conspiracy knew that this would make Jesus into a martyr, and it would help propel his message everywhere in the years ahead.

This project finds strong support for the Seth hypothesis regarding the crucifixion. Moreover, these remote-viewing data offer no support for the biblical version of the events. In the DVD for this project, Courtney Brown presents and explains these data, and he offers an interpretation of these data that supports what he sees as the real message of Jesus. According to Dr. Brown, these data help us to understand Jesus as Jesus himself hoped humans would eventually understand him. Dr. Brown explains why Jesus had no choice but to do what he did, and why the new data do not destroy the message of Jesus, but rather complete it. Finally, Dr. Brown bases his explanation in a scientific understanding of quantum physics and the nature of physical reality. He explains all of this in a manner in which anyone with an open mind can understand and appreciate.

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