Crucifixion Ruse

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Whatever you thought you knew about Jesus, think again.

Get ready for the most positive, uplifting, and dramatic re-interpretation of Christian thought in over 2,000 years, one based not on blind faith, but on new data, new research into the science of consciousness, and an understanding of quantum physics.

New and scientifically-based replicable experimental data offer a revolutionary perspective into the facts of the crucifixion story. According to these new data, someone else was crucified instead of Jesus. Moreover, Jesus willingly participated in the plan to dupe the authorities. This new revelation does not diminish Jesus or his message. Rather, it enhances and amplifies what we know of him.

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Chief Investigator for the project: Courtney Brown, Ph.D.

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Using remote-viewing methodologies derived from those developed by the United States military and used for espionage purposes, we now have a more complete picture of what apparently actually happened 2,000 years ago.

Courtney Brown, Ph.D., the leading scholar in the field of remote viewing involving such procedures, explains how these new data, collected under controlled experimental conditions, reveal a much more complicated crucifixion drama than is described in the Bible. If Jesus was not crucified, who was? Did Judas act to betray or to save the life and legacy of his mentor? Why would Jesus participate in such a ruse, a dangerous plan to trick the authorities, causing them to crucify someone else? Who was in on this conspiracy?

Importantly, while these new data revise what traditional Christendom considers the "facts" of the crucifixion, this new evidence does not attack Jesus or his legacy. Courtney Brown explains why Jesus had no choice but to allow the crucifixion event to occur as it did. Now, the new evidence allows us finally to understand Jesus's teachings more fully, something that was not possible in Jesus's day.

It seems likely that Jesus knew that the truth would one day come out, once we matured as a civilization. That day is today. Look at the data yourself, learn about the methodologies used to collect them, and then decide for yourself.